Our Goal


At EpicSermons.com our goal is to build up an army of Epic Preachers comprised of powerful men and women. We are dedicated to providing Christians with all the ammunition necessary to take the world by force for Jesus Christ. This is an offensive ministry designed to provide all the ammunition necessary for an all out assault on the gates of hell. It is not designed for defense but offense. Christians have been on the defensive for far too long and it is time to attack. Here you will find everything you need to wage all out war on the evil one. All you have to do is learn the information and forward it to others. The Lord will do the rest. We are sons and daughters of the most high God. In Heaven we are Kings and Priests. In heaven we are royalty. And as royalty it’s about time we take our Fathers kingdom back! EpicSermons.com will empower you to do just that!

Warning: The enemy of our God has already infiltrated many of our churches and seminaries. Do not be surprised if many people in your churches reject you. I’m not saying this might happen, I’m telling you this WILL happen. I’m letting you know ahead of time so it does not take you by surprise. Expect to be rejected. Jesus was rejected by the very people who claimed to love him the most. When this happens do not get discouraged simply move to the next person. Military strategy involves both attacking and falling back when the situation merits. The battle will be hard but –

“Champions are never chosen from the ranks of the unscarred”. 

– The Epic Preacher


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