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Your donations allow us to make more Epic Sermons much faster! The more we offerings we receive the faster we can make more epic sermons to take the world for Jesus!

James 2:5 – God has chosen the poor of world to be rich in Faith. If this is you, all we ask is that you please pray for us. Your prayers are exceedingly powerful and we need them far more than anything else!

If your rich in friends use your social media to get the word out about This is fulfilling the great commission: ‘Go into all the world and preach the gospel’ – Mark 16:15

If God has blessed you with a career that does yield financial blessings chances are you also work 80 hours a week and have little time to spread the word of God. Please consider us your servants for doing just that. Our overhead is extremely low and we operate exclusively online. All of our volunteers all have regular jobs including The Epic Preacher so every dollar you donate is used to reach the world.

You can make a one time donation or consider making your place for regular tithing. If you believe this ministry needs to be taken to the world we would be honored to have you partner with us.

May the Lord richly bless you for your support!

You can send your check or money order to:

Epic Sermons.Com
P.O Box 1136
Pismo Beach Ca 93448

Or donate online using your debit or credit card. is not sponsored by any organization or church. We rely on donations and tithes of any kind especially the tithe of Prayer for this ministry. Thank you!

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