The Mountain of GOD

What is the mountain of God ?  It is called Mount Sinai.  It is called Mount Horeb.  It is the mountain where Moses received the 10 Commandments. It is the mountain where Elijah was fed by the ravens .  It’s the mountain where God himself descended upon it in the flames like that of a great furnace…and it has been found!!

This is quite possibly the most compelling evidence that God exists and the Bible is true.

-The Epic Preacher


Below are the actual pictures of the mountain of God, the chariot wheels at the bottom of the Red Sea, the pillars marking the Red Sea crossing point and much more!  If we receive enough funding we will make a video so you can see the mountain in an Epic Way! You can also see the mountain of GOD on Google Earth. Just search for Jabal Musa to see the mountain of God for yourself in 3D!!! Look close and you’ll see split rock that Moses struck and much more!


Chariot wheel on the bottom of the Red Sea.

Chariot wheel on the bottom of the Red Sea.

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